Parade Entry Letter Event: Fulton Memorial Day Salute Parade

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Dear Parade Supporter,,

This year’s parade will take place on Saturday, May 27, 2017, at 10:00 AM. The Parade Committee
is seeking floats and/or special attractions highlighting this year’s theme. Please complete this 2
page entry application and return as soon as possible. You must include a detailed description of
your organization and your intended entry for the Parade. If you have any questions, please email
us at You will be contacted the week of the parade with your line-up
location. All participants must arrive at the staging area no later than 9am.

Cre8 StudiosDate: May 27th, 2017  Times: 10am Start – 1pm Location: Fulton, NY

Down Load Float Application – Memorial Day Salute Here

MOTORIZED VEHICLES– Must be a street legal vehicle no taller than the streetlights (14 feet maximum) and must be operated
by a licensed driver. Passengers are not allowed to enter or exit vehicles/ floats while moving. Participants riding any type of
motorcycle, 4 wheeler or bike are required to wear proper helmets. Fire Extinguishers are required to be on open floats.
DESIGN/ DECORATIONS/ ENTERTAINMENT VALUE– All decorations should adhere to the parade theme or default
requirements and strive for full entertainment value for the crowd. Float materials should be securely fastened to the float.
Walking groups should have a large banner or banners leading the group. Non identifiable entries will not be permitted to enter in
to the parade.
THEME – All floats must show the parade theme “Support our Veterans”. Include a written description or sketch with your
application. By default, any float unable to comply or fit within the parade theme must prominently display American Flags,
Banners, Balloons.
IN ROUTE PERFORMANCES – it is NOT OK to do a short performance along the parade route unless the parade has stopped.
Once the parade is moving you must immediately resume moving forward again. You must not hold up the parade or allow the
group in front of you to get more than a light pole ahead (35 ft).
JUDGES PERFORMANCE AREA – This area will be marked in colored spray chalk and identified in advance. Non performing
groups are encouraged to do final waves while passing through and exiting. National colors should be dipped in this area along
with the execution of any gun salutes. Marching Bands have a maximum 2 minutes 30 seconds to perform before immediately
exiting. (See Highschool/ Collegiate Competition Rules)
HEAT EXHAUSTION – To prevent heat exhaustion, please bring plenty of water, sunscreen and shade.
MUSIC – Music on floats must be kept low enough so it can be heard by viewers in the immediate area only. Any music
interfering with other floats or bands will be asked to lower the volume.
THROW-OUTS – Items CAN NOT be thrown from floats or any vehicles. We do however encourage having Walkers if items are
given away. Walkers must travel along the side of the road and distribute curbside. No items are to be thrown in to the street.
WATER GUNS OR SPRAYING – Please use caution when spraying water. Only people who request it and not near infants.
OTHER – No smoking on floats or parade vehicles – No open flames or combustibles – Alcoholic beverages are forbidden on any
float or vehicle or on the person of any participant. – If horses or pets are entrants in the parade, the entrant must assign a
scooper to clean up behind them – Children age 12 and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult on all Floats/
IMPORTANT: The Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse any late entries and/or entries that are not of “Entertainment
Value” or considered “Event Theme Friendly” as determined by the committee or have not adhered to criteria in the past.
Inspection shall take place prior to the start of the parade. Failure of any unit to comply with the above requirements may result in
expulsion from the