The Billionaires are one of the very best and most experienced bands in Central New York. They feature both male and female lead vocalists, and a tight rhythm section. The music is expertly performed R&B, soul, ballads, rock & roll and standards. The band members are experienced musicians, professional, and skilled at entertaining people of all ages. They always provide excellent sound, good music and a great time.
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Memorial Day Salute
From left are: Bob Weston, Lions; Laurie Greeney, Rotary; Veteran of the Year, John Young; Mayor Ron Woodward; Holly Carpenter, Kiwanis; Larry Macner, MDS Chairman and Dennis Goss, Sunrise Rotary. Absent from photo is Gail Holmes, Lions.

The Memorial Day Salute is an event that was created and is now carried on by representatives of the four Fulton service clubs: Rotary, Sunrise Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions. The service clubs are assisted by the Fulton Veterans Council. Pictured are the presidents of the service clubs, the Mayor, the Veteran of the Year and the Memorial Day Salute committee chairman. This year the 34th Annual Memorial Day Salute will be held on Saturday, May 23rd.
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Memorial Day Salute in the Planning
Standing from left are: Carol Vescio, Zack Menter, Dick Kemmis, Sandy Farrands, Charrise Kidd, Doug Stevens and Larry Macner. In front are: Jim Myers, Tom Mirabito, Judy Young and Carl Nylen. Absent from photo are: Holly Carpenter and Cathy Trowbridge.

Plans are underway for the 34th Annual Memorial Day Salute event to be held Saturday, May 23rd at the Fulton Community Center. The theme for the celebration will be “REMEMBER THOSE WHO SERVED.” John Young, Veteran of the Year, will serve as Grand Marshall of the Saturday parade.
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